WWE Smackdown results for Oct 7, 2011

Hey folks, welcome to the official review of Friday Night SD which marks the return of the World’s Largest Athlete, The Big Show. The burning questions are:

  • What will Show’s involvement be?
  • Zack Ryder; will he be featured?
  • Will there be a follow up from the ‘walkout’?

Let’s go.

NOTE: 1.This article is totally spoiler free.

2. This article makes the normal moves also look great.

First we recap Triple H losing control, and the whole locker room walking out on him. And when we join Smackdown, Teddy Long is on the phone with HHH. Zack Ryder wants to know what’s going on. Teddy says Smackdown is being left to him, since he doesn’t want to risk the same thing happening on Smackdown. “Raw’s loss is Smackdown’s gain.”

EXCUSE ME! In the ring is Vickie Guerrero, Jack Swagger, Christian, Wade Barrett, Otunga, Rhodes and Dolph Ziggler. Christian welcomes us to “the Walkout.” He says this all happened because he had the courage to stand up to HHH. “Triple H” chant from the crowd. Dolph takes the mic. He says the walkout was because of all of them banding together. Otunga explains that HHH has made an unsafe work environment on Raw so they’ve walked until he is not in charge of day to day operations. Since he abdicated to Teddy on Smackdown, its okay to show up here. Wade Barrett says HHH should realise its all his own fault and he should relinquish control of Raw. Cody is next and said a united front was warranted and now there is hope for change. And they couldn’t have done it without one man. Jack Swagger takes the mic. And he brings out Alberto Del Rio. He comes to the ring and its his turn on the microphone. He says despite HHH he survived Hell in a Cell. He says it is he who inspired everyone to walk out and not return until Triple H steps down. He said he’s here to show everyone what they’ll be missing on Raw. Teddy Long interrupts and says they’re about to make the audience walk out. Then he tells Christian and Cody to get ready for tonight’s main event against Sheamus and Orton. As for Del Rio, his match is next and it’s against Sin Cara.

Match: Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

This Sin Cara can now call himself the REAL Sin Cara and he kicks it off with a beautiful diving Hurricanrana. He back springs into Del Rio but gets floored with a German suplex hard on his head. Del Rio stays on top of him with knees and kicks. Sleeper applied and he pulls at the mask. Cara manages another Hurricanrana this time from the top. Float around DDT! One, Two, Kickout. Sin Cara up high, dives off with his cross body but is caught in mid air. Del Rio with the double knee to Sin Cara arm and then straight into the Cross Arm Breaker! Del Rio wins by submission and keeps the hold on after the bell for good measure. Nice opener, made the champion look strong.

Winner: ADR

As Sin Cara lies in the ring Sin Cara Black comes out and attacks him. He works the arm of Blue and gives him a suplex on his arm. Then he flattens him with a beautiful Swanton Bomb.

Michael Cole tells us that HHH had lost control and that’s why he walked out. And I would listen to him but his hand gestures are ridiculous. Booker T said he didn’t mean to walk out he was going to the bathroom.

Matt Striker and his two smiley best friends Kofi and Evan are backstage. He asks them about the walkout and Evan says it’s a culmination of everything on Raw. Kofi says its not even HHH fault but until he steps down, things will be in chaos.

Match: Air Boom vs Vickie’s Cult

Air Boom have new music instead of a semi separate entrance, but as they make their way down, Dolph and Jack jump from behind. They take Air Boom out completely on the outside. Referees come out to try and break it up as Evan takes a Zig Zag onto the floor. When we come back Evan is still on the outside and Kofi is alone in the ring with the opponents. Kofi holds his own against Swagger, who tags in Dolph and Kofi stays on top until he eats an elbow in the mush. Swiggler tag in and out and completely dominate Kofi. Kofi reverses a back drop then he and Dolph floor each other at the same time with a clothesline. Evan spies it and sprints back up on the apron for a tag. He gives Swagger a dropkick but hurts himself when he lands, selling the beat down from before. Swagger gut wrench power bomb on Evan gets them the one, two, three in this non title match.

Winner: Vickie’s Cult

Match: Beth vs Alicia

Michael Cole forces a laugh because Alicia beat Booker at golf this week. Beth wins. Jeez. The entrances were longer than the match by far. Glam Slam straight away and a three count. Beth takes a mic, Natalya puts Alicia in that stretch and Beth tries to make her cry into the mic. Shes satisfied with a scream and they both leave.

Winner: Beth

Michael Cole is livid that Teddy Long is now bringing chaos to Smackdown.

Big Show is back. Great. He sticks on the footage of Mark Henry breaking his ankle in July. He says he was humbled by Henry and he…starts to cry? What? “Mark Henry reached in my chest and tore my heart right out of me.” Mark Henry made him unable to walk on stairs. And put on his shoes. And play with his dogs. This is odd, don’t cheer this. Come on now big guy, suck it up. He says he can deal with the physical but not the emotional pain. But its what fuelled the fire to get him better. Then he promises to repay it ten times over to Henry. He wants a match with Henry. And Henry comes out but stays on the stage with his mic. Mark wants to know what he has done to deserve it. “I’ll let you know about when and IF you ever gunna get a shot at this. And that’s gunna come on Mark Henry time.” He turns to leave but Big Show says if he doesn’t get an answer tonight he’s gunna put him through the announce table, and he’s gunna break Mark’s ankle.

Randy Orton is with Matt Striker now. He says he was absent from the walkout because if he has an issue with HHH he’ll deal with it personally. He’s learned to stay away from following group mentality because he doesn’t play well with others.

Brodus Clay get’s a video hype package.

Match: Mahal vs Jackson

Zeke interrupts Jinder blabbering pre match and tells him to Ssh. Jinder keeps talking. Another Ssh. More talking. A right hand instead of a ssh. Mahal tries to use strikes against Zeke and they work for a minute, but Zeke gives him a back body drop to stop him. Then two body slams. He attempts a torture rack but Jinder slips out and drops Zeke with a knee lift. Zeke fights back and this time its three big body slams. Make it four. Torture Track is on now and Jinder gives it up. Zeke wins it. And now HE wants a mic. “I told you… Ssshhhhh”

Winner: Big Zeke

Teddy Long welcomes Aksana…but its Johnny Ace walking in not her. Ace is just giving Teddy his support but if Teddy loses control the entire WWE is gunna crumble.

Hornswoggle is back. Sad face. He drags Booker T into the ring. He wants him to do a Spinarooni. And you don’t have to ask Booker twice, here it comes. Horny claps now its his turn. They embrace. Now here comes Christian to save us all. What was the point of that?

Match: Christian/ Cody vs Randy/Sheamus

Weren’t Randy and Sheamus feuding in 2010 and had a lot of bad blood? Apparently, WWE doesn’t.

Sheamus takes Christian down with a headlock and a shoulder block but Christian elbows out of the rope clubs. Cody tags in, gets thrown over, skins the cat, Sheamus traps him in the ropes and clubs away. Knee lift. Cody grabs his leg to let Christian distract him. Cody Russian Leg Sweep. Sheamus fights back and tags in Orton, who gives Christian his snap power slam and a back body drop. Orton calls for the RKO, but Cody runs interference allowing Christian to run out of the ring. When Orton chases, Cody blocks him off again and Christian baseball slides him. We come back from commercial and of course Christian has a rest hold on. Orton attempts a comeback but gets dropped with a spine buster. Christian calls for the Spear. He charges but gets booted in the FACE. And a clothesline from Orton….Tag to Sheamus. Cody is in too and Sheamus is all over him. He goes up top but misses a flying attack, Cody charges but is caught in a back breaker. Now he calls for the Cross, but Christian intervenes. Orton comes in and gives Cody an RKO. He pins Cody and the ref counts one, two, three even though Sheamus was CLEARLY the legal man.

Winner: Sheamus/RKO

Now Mark Henry is coming out again and I have to ask why this couldn’t just have been one segment. Could’ve fit at least one more match in around this, think of how many talents didn’t get a match tonight. Yet Hornswoggle got five minutes. Henry says NO to a title match for Big Show. Show RUNS to the ring. That cant be good for the ankle. Now the brawl is on in the corner. Security TRIES to stop Big Show but he pushes them all over and spears Henry. Choke Slams for security. Mark Henry meanwhile gets outta there. Knockout Punch for the last security guy. Mark Henry shouts NO at him again and raises his title. Big Show runs out to the ramp to meet him. Henry whips him into the security wall and strips the commentator desk of its monitors. Big Show blocks Henry and Choke Slams him through the desk! “I TOLD HIM!” Now he takes a chair and places it around Henry’s ankle. He lifts the steps and climbs on them ready to jump onto the chair wrapped ankle. Puts his hat back on, cause that’s important. Teddy Long comes out on the stage and gives Big Show his match, but NOT if he breaks Henry’s ankle. Show retreats. No he doesn’t, he’s turned back again and he takes the chair and brings it down on Mark Henry’s back. Big Show walks to the back as Henry lies in a heap.

Okay edition with it’s ups and downs. What did you think of it?



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