WWE Smackdown review for Sep 30, 2011

Originally from EGW:

First off, It’s good to be back. My buddy, Ryan was doing live reviews for Raw and Impact and I was supposed to do my new role as the ‘top 5 moments’ thing. But since he didn’t do it, I’m doing it. Hope this continues.

Let’s see how this goes. I’ll talk to Ryan about this.

Putting personal things aside, this was the SD go-home show for Hell In a Cell. Here are my burning questions:

  • Will more matches be added?
  • Will Mark again wrestle in the mid card whereas Randy wrestles in the main-event?
  • Will there be a No. 1 contender match for Cody’s IC title?
  • Will Awesome Truth and/or HHH make an appearance?

Let’s go.

NOTE: This article is totally spoiler free.

Booker T is in the ring while the main events, Christian vs Orton and Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus (for the IC title) are being plugged.

Booker T introduces the world heavyweight champion, Mark Henry. Booker says that Mark got his first title at NOC and being a former 6-time champion, he knows how hard it is to climb the ladder and stay on the top and then wants to shake his hand.

Mark, being a heel, doesn’t do so. Mark says that because Booker T is a 6-time champ, that doesn’t mean that he is better than him. Booker says that he didn’t mean that. Mark says that how can T kiss Mark’s ass and insult him in the same sentence? Booker says that it wasn’t an insult, and if it was, Mark would’ve knew it. But if he wanted to drop T through the announce table, T would’ve known it. But he’s not there for him, he’s there for Orton. And he wants to deliver a message. He wants to induct Randy into the hall of pain. He also mentions the former inductees.

Booker asks Mark why doesn’t he just be the best champion he can be? Why  Henry responds telling Booker that he wants him to watch his words, and that he knows exactly who he is and what he’s done. For 15 years he did the positive thing. He shook hands, etc. but that didn’t get him nowhere. It’s about dominating, and he’s gonna be the most dominating champion in history. Booker asks him if at HIAC, what if Orton hits Henry with an RKO? Mark cuts him short saying that Orton won’t hit him with nothing, because if he could, he would have done it already, but he can’t, and that’s why Henry has the World Heavyweight Title. Orton can’t beat him, and everyone knows it. He ain’t gonna beat Henry at HIAC, just like Khali won’t beat Henry tonight. He beat Khali down on Raw, and he’s gonna do it again on Smackdown. Mark says what he wants is for The Great Khali to come out so that he can take out the trash. Booker than thanks Henry for the interview, and once again extends his hand to Mark, who doesn’t shake it again.

Khali comes out as a match is up next… Look at the irony, the WHC is competing at the start, whereas the No.1 contender will wrestle at the end.

Match: Henry vs Khali in who’s more lousy in the ring

They stare at each other for some time, then Khali fires several shots at Henry’s head, and rams Henry’s read to the turnbuckle. Henry tries to fight back, but Khali headbutts and then clotheslines Henry, dropping the champion. Khali drags Henry to a corner, fire some more shots at him, and uses a chop to Mark’s chest. Henry again fights back, but is met with two Khali Chops to the head. Cover and a two count. Henry stands up and drives Khali to the corner. He starts firing headbutts. He drags Khali to the center of the ring by the leg, and gives him two body splashes for another two count. Khali tries to hit Punjabi Plunge, but Henry shakes off of it, and stomps Khali’s leg repeatedly. He hits World’s Strongest Slam, covers and this one is over.

Winner: Mark Henry

He isn’t done and injures Khali and maybe he is also off TV for three months.

Then, Khali is being rushed out when Jinder Mahal speaks something in Hindi. And though I’m an Indian and understand what he said, I’m not going to translate it.

Next match…

Match: Bourne vs Swagger in a singles turned tag team wrestlers match

Bourne starts with a waist lock, but Swagger elbows Evan in the side of the head, fires some punches and kicks that drop the Tag Team Champion, and chokes him with the second rope. After the ref brakes it up, Swagger hits a back suplex that’s good for one. Swagger puts Bourne in a underhook lock. Evan stands up after some time and fights out of it with several kicks in the legs, torso and head, but when he goes for a hurricanrana, Swagger stops it and hits a side slam. Swagger goes for a Vader Bomb but Bourne lifts his feet and hits Jack on his head, nailing a running dropkick right after it. Bourne hits a sobat, tries to whip Swagger, is reversed, but bounces off the ropes and hits a double knee drop that’s good for a nearfall. Vickie Guerrero gets on the apron and starts yelling at the ref, who turns his back, allowing Ziggler to interfere, hotshotting Bourne who tries to get him out. This allows Swagger to grab him. He tries to hit Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Bourne escapes and hits a jumping high knee. Meanwhile Kofi Kingston chases Vickie out and then attacks Dolph with a forearm. The ref turns his back to this, and meanwhile, Vickie trips Bournes leg as he was climbing the top rope to execute Air Bourne. Swagger seizes the moment, places Bourne in the Ankle Lock, and this one is over.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Some action happens which I don’t think is necessary to review.

Match: Sin Cara vs Heath Slater in a who can botch more

Heath Slater must have done something… He has no talent but still features on RAW (sometimes) and SD.

Slater starts with a stomp to the leg, a punch and an elbow to the head, and whips Cara who counters with a springboard body attack (it isn’t a body splash, and it looked botched). Cara then gets momentum running the ropes and hits a handspring elbow. Cara then whips Slater to a corner. He runs towards Heath, who back body drops him, but Sin Cara lands on his feet on the apron and hits a kick in Slater’s head. He hits Swanton Bomb on Slater, covers and this one is over.

Winner: Sin Cara

Wow, the other Sin Cara comes and debuts a new mask which is awesome in my opinion. Yes, they’re reflecting the history here which is a good touch. Slash good, it’s a great touch.

We go for a backstage segment between John Laurinaitis, David Otunga, Vickie, Ziggler, Swagger, Rhodes and Christian. Laurinaitis stops an ongoing arguement saying that he is as frustrated as they are, because HHH hasn’t been returning his calls. As Executive VP of Talent Relations, bottom line is he understands what they are saying. Otunga then says that first of all, he wants to thank John for letting him put his legal expertise in use, and that they all have talked, and Otunga has put togheter something that should adress all of their concerns. Christian than talks about his past with legal counseling, and that he knows David has a degree on Harvard, and that Christian feels that Otunga is able to handle all of their grievances. Ziggler says all will be decided on Monday, and everyone agrees. Otunga says everyone to calm down, and that Laurinaitis is a true company man. Laurinaitis then says everyone to go to work, and they all agree and leave togheter.

Match is next…

Match: Kelly Kelly vs Natalya

Beth Phoenix joins the commentary booth. Natalya taunts Kelly, who fires some forearms at her. Natalya then lifts Kelly and drives her back-first into the turnbuckle. She runs towards KK, but eats boots in the face. Kelly climbs the second rope and executes a flying Lou Thesz press followed by punches to the face. Kelly grabs Natalya in a waist lock, but the Canadian Diva runs towards the ropes and lowers her head, making Kelly bounce back. After that, she hits a clothesline and applies a hammer and face lock. Kelly tries to fight back with forearms, but Natalya slams her head to the ground. After that, she grabs Kelly by the hair, and slaps her. Natalya whips Kelly towards the ropes, but Kelly kicks her on her way back, sits on Natalya on eletric chair position and uses a sunset flip pin to get the win.

Winner: Kelly Kelly

Man, KK keeps winning… but Beth assaults her and gives her finisher. Then, Natalya puts on a hold and they put the mic and plug the KK shouting. They say that Beth is winning the title.

We get our Intercontinental Title match. Cody enters first, and delivers a promo. He officialy states that he is being discriminated against by WWE. Last Friday Randy Orton attacked him and the music of the night was “ding ding ding” as he smashed Rhodes repeatedly with the ring bell in the side of Cody’s head, forcing Rhodes to have nine staples, but Orton wasn’t punished. Instead WWE management saw fit for him to compete in a 10-man battle royal on Raw for his IC title, and tonight he is defending again against one of the men he beat on Monday, Sheamus. So once again the IC Champion is being forced to defend. Sheamus is an “Irish, beer guzzling, bar-brawling, thick headed braggart”. So Rhodes says that he is defending tonight under protest.

Sheamus makes his way to the ring, and has a mic on his hand. He asks Cody if he knows why an Irish, beer guzzling, bar-brawling, thick headed braggart came to St. Louis, Missouri. He didn’t beat Cody unmercifully for the IC title on Monday, but that isn’t an Irish folklore. We finally get our match under way.

Match: Cody vs Sheamus in a who looks uglier

They lock-up, but Sheamus shoves Rhodes down to the ground. The Celtic Warrior then pushes Cody to the corner, and when the ref breaks it up, Cody uses the moment to strike back with kicks and punches. Sheamus grabs him and places him in another corner though, and starts to deliver hammer fists and knees. Sheamus delivers a short-arm clothesline thats good for one. Sheamus go for his hammer fists on the chest routine, but Rhodes places an elbow to the side of the head, and gets out of the ring. The ref holds Sheamus off. Rhodes tries to get back in the ring, and when Sheamus attacks him, he drives his shoulder on Sheamus’ gut. Rhodes gets back in the ring, but eats a back body drop thats good for a nearfall. Sheamus delivers his hammer fists on the chest routine, and when he goes for his knee on the apron, Cody falls. Sheamus tries to pick him up but eats a headbutt. Cody then hotshots Sheamus’ arm. Sheamus gets back in the ring and goes for a tilt-a-whirl scoop powerslam, but Rhodes escapes, pushes Sheamus into the corner arm-first, and then hits Beautiful Disaster. Cover and a nearfall.

Back from break, Rhodes is in control with a seated hammerlock. Sheamus stands up and tries to fight back, whipping Rhodes, but Cody uses the momentum, kicks Sheamus in the torso, and executes a dropkick that’s good for two. Cody hits a headbutt, and uses an arm lock with help from the second rope. After the ref breaks it up, he stomps Sheamus’ arm. Sheamus is groggy and sits by the corner, Rhodes follows and delivers a punch to his face, and chokes him for a while with his foot. After the ref breaks it, Sheamus kicks Rhodes once on the leg and then in the chest to create space. Sheamus goes for a clothesline but Cody ducks and hits an arm DDT that’s good for two. Rhodes countinues attacking the arm, as he goes out of the ring, and uses the ropes again to deliver some extra punishment. After that, he smashes Sheamus’ arm against the ring post. Rhodes taunts for too long, allowing Sheamus to fight back, but Cody manages to stop him with a forearm that’s good for two. Another hammerlock by Cody Rhodes. After some time, Sheamus fights out of it, but eats a knee and a elbow to the back of the head, and uses the hammerlock again. Sheamus stands up after some time, and when Cody tries to drive him shoulder-first into the steel post, Sheamus reverses it. Sheamus goes for double-arm clotheslines, and a tilt-a-whirl scoop powerslam. After that, he hits a running knee to the face, and goes for the top rope shoulderblock. Cover and a nearfall. He starts signaling for the Brogue Kick. He goes for it, but Rhodes ducks under, tries a Beautiful Disaster, but is met with a double-arm clothesline mid-air. Cover and another nearfall. Sheamus goes for the Celtic Cross but Christian runs in and attacks him.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Christian gives the Killswitch and mocks Sheamus and a Zack Ryder vs JTG match is next. JTG? Haven’t seen him in a while. WWWYKI.

Match: Zack vs JTG

They lock up, and JTG drives his knee onto Ryder’s gut, and fires some punches. JTG hits a spinning neckbreaker for two. Ryder headbutts JTG’s gut, but JTG uses a back suplex neckbreaker that gives him another two count. JTG chokes Zack using the second rope, and after the break applies a facelock on the Internet Champion. Zack tries to fight back, but JTG doesn’t let him. He whips Zack into the corner, runs towards Ryder, but eats a double knee to the face. Ryder follows with a clothesline, a running forearm, slams JTG’s head into a turnbuckle, and gives him a forearm shot. Ryder then hits the Broski Boot. Cover and a nearfall. Ryder whips JTG to the corner, but JTG uses the momentum and delivers a kneeling uppercut slap. He bounces off the ropes, but Ryder counters the incoming attack into a Rough Ryder. Cover and the three count.

Winner: Zack Ryder

A Johhny Ace and HHH segment showing the tension between them.

We get a backstage interview, as Matt Striker is with Randy Orton. Orton starts saying that Mark Henry says that he’s going to end his career. And Mark Henry doesn’t know who he is. Orton comitted some of the sickest, most sadistic atrocities ever in the WWE. He isn’t intimidated by anyone, even Henry. He then asks if Striker has seen what Orton did last week on Rhodes. He gave Cody nine staples on his head, and doesn’t have the slightest regret. What he does have though is a match against Mark Henry at Hell In A Cell, a match in which he already competed three times, while Henry never did. While Henry says to the world that Orton can’t hit an RKO on him, Mark better pray for The Viper to hit an RKO and end it early because he has no idea of how many different ways Orton will have to hurt the World’s Strongest Man in that cell. This Sunday something is going to end, but it ain’t gonna be Orton’s career, but Mark Henry’s reign as champion.

Then, Orton walks into the ring and I just realize that this is his hometown.

Match: Christian vs Orton

I think we know who’s winning, and a fact, this is the sixth match between both.

They lock up to start, but Randy quickly uses a waistlock takedown, followed by a side headlock. Christian gets up, pushes Orton away but eats a shoulder block. They try to lock hands, but Christian quickly kicks Orton in the gut and slaps him in the face. Christian tries to whip Orton, but is reversed. Orton ducks an incoming Christian twice, and then hits another shoulder block. Christian reverses an Orton whip to the corner, but eats a clothesline for two. Orton starts stomping away at Christian. Christian counters driving Orton throat-first on the second rope, then goes outside and hits a slap. He then goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick that’s good for two. Christian punches Randy three times in the face, then stomps away at him. Orton fights back with punches and headbutts. Orton goes for a clothesline but eats a spinebuster that gets a nearfall.

Christian is on the driving seat as he has a chin lock applied. Orton stands up and fights back, but Christian stops him and uses a neckbreaker that gives him a nearfall. Christian places Orton on the second rope and goes for his signature rope choke. Christian taunts, picks up Orton, and hits a reverse DDT that’s good for another nearfall. Christian gets in Randy’s face, saying he will embarass the Viper in his hometown in the same way Orton tried to embarass him. He starts slapping Orton in the face, taunting Orton, and the ref tells him to back off. Orton uses the space given to him to come back, hitting punches and an european uppercut, but Christian cuts him short with a gut kick. Christian bounces off the ropes but is met with a Lou Thesz press, which he quickly gets out of, kicks Randy in the gut again, and delivers another hard slap. Christian hits an elbow drop for two. After that, he applies a chin lock. Orton stands up, Christian tries to put him down again with a forearm, but Randy whips him hard into the corner, creating space to recover. Orton and Christian trade punches. Orton hits a european uppercut, Christian hits a slap. Christian kicks Orton in the gut, runs the ropes, and is met with a dropkick. Orton goes for his clotheslines, and when he tries for his snap powerslam, Christian ducks it. Christian then runs towards Orton, but gets in the receiving end of a back body drop. Orton goes for the 10 punches on the corner. After hitting them all, he whips Christian to another corner, runs towards him, but Christian ducks and hits an hanging overhead kick. Christian tries a top rope move but Orton ducks him, and executes a gutwrench elevated neckbreaker that’s good for a nearfall. Christian goes for the apron, and Orton tries his apron DDT, but Christian escapes it, punches Orton in the face, and slams his head on the top turnbuckle. Captain Charisma goes for his springboard sunset flip, but he feints Orton to avoid an RKO. Randy runs towards him but Christian avoids again, then runs towards Orton, but Randy counters into a flipping school boy pin that gets him a nearfall. Christian slaps Orton, runs towards him, but eats the snap powerslam for another nearfall. Orton goes towards Christian in the corner, but eats boots to the gut. Christian goes for a top rope move, and misses a flying body press. Orton tries an RKO, but Christian counters into a back suplex. Christian signals for the Spear, hits it, but Orton kicks out. Christian shows frustration, and starts signaling for the Killswitch. Orton fights out of it, places Christian on the apron and hits his apron DDT. He starts signaling for an RKO, but Christian rolls out and starts running away. Orton chases him, and starts getting Christian back, between punches and kicks. He sends Christian crashing on the steel steps. Both wrestlers aren’t able to respond the ten count though, and this match ends.

Wow, that’s a good decision.

Winner: No Contest

He is trying to do the same thing to Christian what he did to Rhodes, when Rhodes comes but Randy attacks him. Christian gets the opportunity and kicks Orton and both of them attack Randy when Sheamus comes and Brogue kick’s Rhodes and Christian flees.

Mark Henry comes and Orton is decimated. He mocks him and decides to go back but doesn’t, and gets a steel chair but Orton RKO’s him to end the show.,

Your thoughts? Comment.

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