WWE Power 25 for Oct 1, 2011

Here are the WWE Power 25 for this week:

Mark Henry

The World’s Strongest Man brutally inducted The Great Khali into his “Hall of Pain” this week. Mark Henry’s next target? Randy Orton on Sunday.

John Cena

The Champ will be at a disadvantage when he defends his WWE Title against both Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk at WWE Hell in a Cell, but John Cena has never backed down from a challenge.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton laid out Mark Henry with an RKO at the end of SmackDown. Can The Viper do the same thing to the World Heavyweight Champion when the two Superstars step into the Cell on Sunday?

CM Punk

The Straight Edge Savior may have defeated Alberto Del Rio on Raw, but The Mexican Aristocrat battered him with a steel chair after the bout. Will Punk still be feeling the attack when he enters the Hell in a Cell?


The Celtic Warrior failed to take the Intercontinental Title from Cody Rhodes twice this week due to interference from Christian. Sheamus will get a chance to put Captain Charisma in his place at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Alberto Del Rio

The Mexican Aristocrat was beaten by CM Punk on Monday night, but he bashed both The Straight Edge Savior and John Cena with a steel chair after the bout. Things are looking good for Del Rio going into the Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match on Sunday.

Air Boom

The WWE Tag Team Champions joined forces with Zack Ryder to beat Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Mason Ryan on Raw, but Evan Bourne fell to Swagger on Friday night.

Sin Cara

After beating Heath Slater on Friday night, the masked marvel was confronted by his doppelganger. The two will battle for the identity of Sin Cara at WWE Hell in a Cell.

Kelly Kelly

The Divas Champion may have defeated Natalya on SmackDown, but she ended up on the receiving end of a beating from the Canadian Diva & Beth Phoenix. Things aren’t looking good for Kelly Kelly going into WWE Hell in a Cell.

Cody Rhodes

Defying the odds, the Intercontinental Champion managed to retain his title in a 10-Man Battle Royal on Raw.

Zack Ryder

After Dolph Ziggler stole a victory from Ryder on Raw, the Long Island Superstar teamed with Air Boom to beat the United States Champion, Jack Swagger & Mason Ryan. Long Island Iced-Z then beat JTG on SmackDown.


Christian made life miserable for Sheamus this week, but Captain Charisma will have nowhere to run when he faces The Celtic Warrior at WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday.

Beth Phoenix

The Glamazon will face Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship again at WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday. Will the third time be a charm for Beth Phoenix?

Alex Riley

Undoubtedly, A-Ry will one day be a champion, but he couldn’t make it happen in the 10-Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship on Raw.

Sin Cara

Revealing new ring gear on SmackDown, this darker version of Sin Cara challenged his doppelganger to a match at WWE Hell in a Cell. The Superstar who walks away with the victory will be the true Sin Cara.

Wade Barrett

The British thug was out of action this week, but he verbally humiliated more than a few Superstars in an exclusive video on WWE.com.


Not only did the Canadian Diva team with Beth Phoenix to beat Kelly Kelly & Eve on Raw, but she helped The Glamazon brutalize the Divas Champion on SmackDown.

Jack Swagger

It looks like the managerial services of Vickie Guerrero are already benefiting The All-American American as Swagger picked up a big victory over Evan Bourne on SmackDown.

Dolph Ziggler

After stealing a victory over Zack Ryder on Raw, Dolph Ziggler was torn apart by an aggressive Mason Ryan.

Mason Ryan

The Welsh strongman made his return to Raw this week, destroying Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger in impressive fashion. Keep your eye on this monster.


The talented beauty teamed with Kelly Kelly in a losing effort against the devastating duo of Beth Phoenix & Natalya on Monday night.

The Great Khali

Smashed by World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry on both Raw and SmackDown, The Great Khali looks to be the latest victim of The World Strongest Man’s unstoppable wrath.

John Morrison

The Shaman of Sexy was one of the Superstars who failed to take the Intercontinental Title away from Cody Rhodes in Raw’s 10-Man Battle Royal for the coveted title.

Daniel Bryan

Frustrated after his recent ring woes, Daniel Bryan came up short again in the 10-Man Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship on Monday night.

Justin Gabriel

The South African Superstar has a bright future ahead of him, but he was unable to capture the Intercontinental Championship in Monday’s 10-Man Battle Royal.

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