WWE: Hell In A Cell 2011 Predictions

Welcome, folks to the official predictions of WWE’s latest PPV, Hell In A Cell, brought to you by @NextBigThingSiD.

Most of us, including me, aren’t buying Hell In A Cell PPV because it just features rematches, and just includes one or two new matches. But, the internet is always there. And live streams etc are the tools on which you can count on.

Dubbed as ‘Satan’s structure’ Hell In A Cell should be an exciting PPV as it features stars like Cena, Punk, Orton, Del Rio, Rhodes etc. The main thing which is left out and, in my opinion, wouldn’t be included, is BLOOD.

But as pro wrestling marks, we crave for blood in these types of matches. Blood shows the intensity in the opponents. But we’ll have to do without blood, I guess.

Let’s start.

Match: Vickie’s alliance vs Air Boom

This match hasn’t been announced as of yet, but looking at the feuds, this should be there. Moving forward, we all know how this is going to end. WWE creates a random pairing, makes them No.1 contenders to the tag titles, they lose, and move on top other things. It happened with Miz and Truth and the same is going to happen with Dolph and Swagger.

Predicted Winner: Air Boom

Match: Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix

Kelly Kelly has blocked me on Twitter. I, obviously, hate her for that. And though I’m being biased, that’s the correct way to go. Beth keeps losing and losing and losing that her momentum is getting destroyed. The people don’t think that the Divas Of Doom can do anything now. Kelly can just win via roll ups and other shenanigans. It stops at HIAC. Beth claims what is rightfully hers and wins the divas title.

Predicted Winner: Beth Phoenix

Match: Sin Cara vs Hunico

I like to refer him as Hunico because typing heel and face Sin Cara really boggles me. Seriously, this is the most interesting feud. I also like Hunico’s attire more than Cara’s, but that’s just me. When they gave a brief of the history on this week’s SD, it was great. This feud is good but my only problem is the lack of mic work as this feud has to continue. But in this match, Hunico earns the win to continue the feud. I hope the match is without any botches.

Winner: Hunico

Match: Randy Orton vs Mark Henry

WWE likes to change titles frequently as if they are hot potatoes. But anyway, Mark deserved this. Orton, sadly, you don’t. Mark will retain no matter how.

Predicted Winner: Mark Henry

Match: Sheamus vs Christian

This is the most properly built feud. My prediction would be…. On one hand you have Sheamus, who’s doing pretty good as a face and on the other, you have Christian who’s pretty good himself. This is the toughest. I say we get a DQ or a countout or a no contest etc.

Predicted Winner: No contest/DQ/Count out

Match: John Cena vs ADR VS Punk

I maybe be the only one who doesn’t care about this…. Cena being champion again is like Justin Bieber winning awards… it should never happen. Punk, well he’s doing good, but well, he’s not winning. ADR, well he just lost and WWE loves Cena. But wait, Miz-Truth and Nash might interfere. No, I’ll still go with Cena.

Predicted Winner: John Cena

Those were my predictions. What are yours? Reply via the comments section.







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