My Mission; Accomplished

Goldust, as we all know, is a WWE employee and a future Hall Of Famer.


Goldust, has officially blocked me on Twitter. I mean, who the hell is he to do that? I just say that he sucks, and he blocks me?

Actually, I’m not sad. I’m happy. It felt good to get blocked by this troll. In fact, if he didn’t block me, I would have blocked him.

And Goldust, you know that.

You just go on and block my friends Cool and Arslan, and now me? Goldust, I’ve had enough.
Though I thought you were a mediocre wrestler and an average promo man, I thought you were a backstage leader. But, it wasn’t to be.

Goldust, if you read this, then I’m happy. After months of blocking my friends and me looking at it disgustingly, I have suffered the same fate.

And I don’t take it negatively, I take it positively. Woo woo woo, YOU KNOW IT.

-Sid/ @NextBigThingSiD

PS: Readers, my advice to you. don’t read or buy Cross Roads, a book by Goldust. It is horrible, in my opinion.

And Cody Rhodes, his brother, is going to have a better career than him.

My tweet that got me blocked:

@WWEGoldust Why doesn’t Cody have a Twitter account?



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