WWE Raw: Top 5 moments

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Yes, I’m not doing the review this time. My friend and fellow writer, Ryan Frye has already done a live review of the show so I felt that a second article review isn’t required. Hence, I’ve come up with this noble concept on EGW, noting the five best moments of the night.

This Raw came to us from Kansas City, Missouri, and it was, ironically, the go-home show for WWE’s most dangerous event of the year, Hell In A Cell.

But, EGW’s here to cover up the 5 best moments of the night. Let’s start.

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Without further ado, let’s begin with the burning questions. I know this is not a review, but I just love the burning questions.

  • Will there be a Zack Ryder sighting?
  • Will Miz/Truth and Nash come back?
  • What are the new matches that will be added?


5. Confrontation between Cody Rhodes/Christian/Vickie/Dolph

The show started with the COO HHH, who gave a less-than worthy explanation on why he fired the Awesome Truth. Then, he talked about doing the right thing for WWE and said that no one is bigger than the WWE when the hottest couple in WWE, Vickie/Dolph interrupted.

Dolph talked about his injury at the hands of the manager of Zack Ryder, Hugh Jackman. He says that he can compete but can’t eat solid food as of yet. HHH, being him self, makes a joke about giving him security before being interrupted by the former Legacy-stablemate, Cody Rhodes.

Cody talked about Orton giving him the beating and why isn’t he punished. To which, HHH tells him to be a man and wear knee pads.  Christian interrupted.

Christian called for his trademark, #OneMoreMatch and HHH gives him three. Dolph gets a US title defense and Cody, because of his staples, gets the night off.

But Cody, being the narcissist he his, badmouthed HHH which resulted in a battle royal for the IC title.

4. Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship

Give credit to EGW if using.

The competitors are Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, John Morrison, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson, Ted DiBiase and the champion Cody Rhodes.

It was a fun and intriguing battle. Cody waited outside at the start but won it and rightfully so. The eliminations were as follows:

Drew McIntyre

Sin Cara

Alex Riley

Justin Gabriel

John Morrison

Daniel Bryan

Ted DiBiase

Ezekiel Jackson

Two remained but Christian interfered causing Sheamus the match and resulting in the Cody Rhodes victory.

3. A new stable is formed

Give credit to EGW if used.

David Otunga met with Vickie/ Dolph, Cody and Christian and called them all a ‘victim of circumstance’. Being an Harvard graduate, he wanted to give them advice and said that lawsuits aren’t working. Instead, they all need to be a team which was indeed agreed bu all the members present.

This stable could do wonders. Add Johnny Ace, Awesome Truth and Nash and maybe Swagger etc. and it could do wonders for all men.

This was definitely not the best but one of the most notable moments on Raw.

I think this ‘lawyer’ gimmick could work for Otunga and,

PS: I just wrote an article on him which, I know, won’t be liked. But still, please read and your thoughts, as always, are welcome. Here is the article.

2. Ryder competed for a title

Zack Ryder, WWE’s Internet champion, was the challenger to his friend-turned-foe and fellow You Tuber (Ask The Heel) Dolph Ziggler for the US title.

Unfortunately he lost, but this just showed that WWE is recognizing his ability to attract attention and draw money (no pun intended) and he deserves to be on Raw.


And now to the last….

1. Good matches all night long

Yes, I know this isn’t what you expected to be but Raw produced good matches all night long. Starting from the Battle Royal till the CM Punk vs ADR match, we witnessed good matches.

Cena/ Christian, Ryder/Ziggler, 6-man tag team etc all were definitely more than average matches.


Raw was average, to say the least. But these were my five best moments of the night which made me do a lot of searching. But honorable mentions are:

CM Punk’s insult

Mark Henry staying dominant

Mason Ryan face turn

Zack pinning Ziggler again


Any others? What are your favorite five? The comments section is there to voice your opinion.

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