David Otunga: The Classic Case of his Reputation

David Otunga, one of WWE’s ‘green’ superstars has always been a prey of reputation. Surprised? I was too.

David Otunga has been constantly criticized to be in the WWE due to his marriage with the beautiful Jennifer Hudson. Really haters?

I know his in-ring work isn’t top-notch or his high-flying abilities aren’t much to note, but I really rate him pretty high on his ‘it’ factor.

His promos have been more than average, his ring work is improving day by day but the fans still put forth this argument:

‘His success is due to Jennifer Hudson’

I certainly don’t think that Jennifer has anything to do with wrestling. She minds her own business as they rest of the celebrities do, but us haters, and look at the word us, I’m also a hater for some. I hate Randy Orton. I would like to see an article defending him too.

Anyway, David has arrived in the WWE not because of his fiancée, but himself. His courage, his determination and his power.

Maybe this is just me, but I still think that he will go on to achieve big things in his career. I’ll be the first one to admit that his ring work is not top class, but it isn’t Eli Cottonwood. He needs some FCW training, but when he gets it, he’ll be pretty good.

Don’t think so? Ask Zack Ryder.

Now, we all love Zack Ryder. We go to WWE Shop.com to buy his T-shirt, his headband AND his sunglasses and mark out every time he’s on Raw or SD live. He has also been praised for his charisma and personality by many legends of the game. He is pretty big out there due to his ‘it’ factor, not wrestling.

I mean, how many of us say that, oh, this kid is pretty top-notch in his wrestling skills! He deserves the title!

No, none of us say that. Mostly, people say that, “Oh, this kid is full of personality, he deserves the WWE title”

Got it?

David Otunga is the same. Not-so- good ring work, but high on charisma. Not as high as Zack, but at least more than most of the stars. Want an example? Ted DiBiase. He should normally have his father’s genes of being charismatic. But unfortunately, he doesn’t. But still, he got a pay per view match.

Otunga just needs to get his name out there. Then, good things are bound to happen.

But for now, he is stuck in the cloud, known as Jennifer Hudson.

Otunga, this is my message to you in the form of a quote,

“People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you.

But how strong you stand is what makes you.”

Any comments, suggestions, conflict of opinion? Well, there’s always a comment section.

Till then, follow me on Twitter @sid7dis @NextBigThingSiD

Signing off,


2 thoughts on “David Otunga: The Classic Case of his Reputation

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