Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz: Why The Fans Need To Shut Up


It’s time for some non-wrestling action!

Today, we witnessed a boxing match between two of the most athletic boxers in history, Victor Ortiz and Floyd Mayweather. Floyd Mayweather remained unbeaten 42-0 but in turn,won the WBC welterweight title from Ortiz and in turn, lost a lot of reputation from his fans.

After a blatant headbutt by Ortiz, Ortiz was penalized. Then, he went to Mayweather and hugged and kissed him. The match started again and Floyd gave him a left and then a right hook for the 10 count. People were enraged. For some reason, they started to lose respect for him. Here are the tweets from some people (anonymous):

“Dear Manny Pacquiao, Please fight Floyd Mayweather and knock him the F out. We are all behind you. Signed, – the human race”

“Mayweather fucked the ppl out of their hard-earned money once again. He scared of Pac-Man. RT IF U FEEL ME”

“Money mayweather is a pussy

Quoting WWE’s internet champion, are you serious bro?

I think the boxing fans should know this, it is the first rule:


I guess the fans don’t realize it that we need to protect ourselves in boxing and win, not be girls and shake hands, hug, kiss etc.

It is boxing for God’s sake!

These were Mayweather’s comments after the match:

“After we touched gloves I threw the left hook, then a right. In the ring you have to protect yourself at all times!

And I totally agree, he just clarified what I just said. It was Ortiz’s fault from the beginning. I don’t think he should have head butted, for starters.

Cortez stopped the action to deduct a point from the champion – who apologised then embraced Mayweather, even planting a kiss on his cheek. When they were brought together again, Ortiz again hugged Mayweather, they touched gloves and, stepping back, he took a left hook that had him out on his feet, followed by a right hand that sat him on the seat of his pants. He was on his knees grabbing the ropes when the count reached 10.

The ending was completely fair. Look at Ortiz’s comment’s now:

“I took the break exactly as I was told and then he blindsided me,” Ortiz said. “I’m not a dirty fighter and I apologised for the head butt. As far as I’m concerned I came to entertain the fans and I think I did that. There was a mixed communication with the referee. It was a learning experience.”

See that, fans? Ortiz has just moved on like the rest of us have. But you, adamantly keep disrespecting Mr Mayweather. I don’t know why, but you need to understand that Floyd was just smarter than Ortiz.

Case rested.

Signing off,


5 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz: Why The Fans Need To Shut Up

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