WWE SmackDown review for 17 Sep 2011


Smackdown was live (taped) at 17th September and it was the go home show for Night Of Champions. I am here to break down the events for you.

Here are the burning questions:

  • Who will be Cody’s challenger?
  • What will Edge’s involvement be?
  • Will Bret Hart be there?

Let’s start.

We start off tonight with the audience clapping. Justin Roberts (Tony Chimel?? Oh, it’s a super show) announces the Rated R… Superstar.. EDGE!! It’s Toronto, folks! A huge pop welcomes Edge. The announcers hype Edge’s return as Edge is soaking up the response. Edge starts with, “Damn! I missed that” and then talks about how nice the WWE is and how bad he misses being a wrestler and people, he is choking up. Then he says that he is hosting the Cutting Edge later with ‘Sexual Chocolate’ and ‘The Viper’.

Cody Rhodes, the current Intercontinental champion interrupts him! Awesome. WWE are making him get heat and that’s good. Cody starts mocking Edge’s appearance on Haven after SD and Cody says that Edge is sucking up to us for which Edge replies by telling him to stop ‘bitching’ about the injuries and the masks. He says that Edge is bitter. Then he talks about Edge winning at Wrestlemania, and him being IC champion and defeating Orton on Monday. Then, he gives Edge his trademark paper bag and tells him to put it on. Then he mentions about SD becoming the new home of Cody Rhodes. Edge makes a comment about Dusty Rhodes, then gets bored and starts to leave and Cody is yelling for him to come back.

Then, Cody tells the baggers to bag specific people from the crowd and then a person clotheslines Cody hard. He removes his bag and he is Ted DiBiase! He then tries to put the bag on Cody’s head and Cody leaves…..

Next match is Cara vs Bryan….

Match: Cara vs Bryan

The Sin Cara light is turned on as the match begins. Daniel Bryan is a ball of fire, and laying down a one-sided beating on Sin Cara early on. Sin Cara finally avoids a big Bryan high-flying move to slow things down. Sin Cara hits Bryan with a hard kick to the head. Sin Cara continues his attack on Bryan, changing the momentum in the match. Sin Cara continues throwing hard kicks at Bryan, before throwing him over the top-rope. Bryan crashes to the ground outside the ring hard. On that note, we head to a mid-match commercial. We return from commercial and see Sin Cara using a leg submission on Bryan. Bryan fights his way out of the submission, but Sin Cara remains in control of the offense, throwing more and more kicks, specifically targeting Bryan’s legs with the kicks now. Sin Cara hits a flying headbutt, after launching himself off the ropes in a single bounce! Sin Cara attempts a moonsault off the middle rope, but Bryan catches him coming in with the double-boots. Both guys are up now and Bryan is punching away. Bryan has Sin Cara down, and is now throwing several stiff kicks of his own. Sin Cara is battling back and now has Bryan hanging upside down in the corner, nailing him with kicks repeatedly. The ref tells him to stop, but Sin Cara refuses. Sin Cara is disqualified.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by DQ

Sin Cara gives a HUGE dropkick to Bryan before Cara’s music plays and out comes another Sin Cara. They have a stare down with the ‘heel’ Sin Cara being taller than the ‘face’ one. They want to fight, but the heel leaves the ring.

Backstage Teddy Long is with the Woo Woo Woo kid, Zack Ryder. They are talking about Mark being a bully and then a no-contact clause is added and tells Zack to tell it to both of them. “Woo woo woo, don’t blow it!”

Aksana comes and gives Teddy a massage… Trish comes and looks at Long and is terrified. Long tries to explain but Trish moves on.

Next match…

Match: AJ vs Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix bullies the smaller A.J. around early on. Phoenix is manhandling A.J. now, picking her up over her head, throwing her around, etc. It’s a one-sided squash, thus far.A.J. makes an attempt at fighting back, but Phoenix cuts her off short. Natalya yells from ringside for Phoenix to finish her. Phoenix hits the Glam-Slam on A.J. and pins her for an easy 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Beth Phoenix

Then, Beth says something that basically means that she will take the title.

Backstage… Trish and Edge are accompanied by Christian. He ignores Trish but talks to Edge and acts all buddy-buddy in front of him. They hug. Then, Christian tells Edge to talk to Teddy about one more match for the World title for Christian. Edge realizes and they fight verbally….

Zack Ryder tells Edge about the No-contact clause.

Match: Wade/ Christian vs Sheamus/ Gabriel

Wade Barrett’s music hits and out he comes to the ring. The announcers explain that when we return from commercial, it will be Barrett and Christian taking on Sheamus and Justin Gabriel in tag-team action. On that note, we head to commercial. We return from commercial and Christian is making his way to the ring. Justin Gabriel’s music hits next and out he comes. And finally, Sheamus makes his way out. Before the match begins, Sheamus has a microphone in his hand. He tells Christian he can’t think of anything nice to say because his face reminds him of a horse’s arse. He tells Barrett he’s as useful as horse crap. Sheamus puts over Gabriel, and says that’s why he chose him as his partner. With that said, the bell rings and the match begins. Barrett and Gabriel start things off, and Barrett is in control thus far. Barrett eventually tags in Christian. Christian continues the attack on Gabriel. Christian beats on Gabriel for a bit and tags Barrett back in. Barrett goes to work on Gabriel. Barrett again tags Christian back in. Poor Gabriel has been taking a beating the entire match, as Sheamus is being set up for the mega-hot tag of all hot-tags. We head to a mid-match commercial. We return from commercial and Barrett is working over Gabriel. Shortly thereafter, Barrett tags Christian in. Gabriel finally knocks Christian down, showing his first signs of life in the match. Both guys are down. Christian tags in Barrett. Gabriel manages to make the tag to Sheamus. Sheamus comes in and he’s a ball of fire, beating both guys down. The smoke clears and Sheamus is beating on Barrett. Sheamus goes to the top rope, but Christian grabs his foot, distracting him enough for Barrett to stop him. Sheamus knocks Barrett off the ropes and then hits Barrett with a flying shoulder-block off the top. Sheamus hits the big kick and tags in Gabriel. Gabriel hits the 450 splash and pins Barrett for the clean pinfall.

Winner: Sheamus/ Gabriel

Then, Sheamus taunts Christian and they want to fight but Christian backs off and they celebrate.

Match: Heath Slater vs The Great Khali

The jobbers match!

We return from commercial and The Great Khali’s music hits in the arena. Out comes Khali. Heath Slater’s music hits, and out comes Slater. Khali vs. Slater in one-on-one action is now officially underway. Khali beats on Slater with ease. The announcers put over Khali’s dissention with Jinder Mahal. Within a minute of the match, Jinder Mahal makes his way to the ring, babbling in a foreign language, clearly scolding Khali. Khali throws Slater down and shifts his focus to Mahal. Mahal continues yelling at him from ringside. Mahal and Slater both attacking Khali. The referee calls for the bell. Mahal and Slater continue the beat down of Khali until Khali knocks Mahal down, and gives Slater the big boot. Khali almost gives Mahal his finisher, but Slater interferes and Mahal uses the free time to escape the ring. Khali hits his finisher on Slater as Mahal looks on from the floor with a scared expression on his face.

Winner by DQ: The Great Khali

Next Match:

Match: Bourne vs Truth

After a long Triple H vs. CM Punk video package for “Night Of Champions” airs, we return live to the arena where Air Boom’s music hits. Evan Bourne makes his way to the ring for singles action, and he’s accompanied by Kofi Kingston. We head to commercial break. As we return from commercial, R-Truth and The Miz come out. The Miz on mic tells the fans to shut up and listen to R-Truth’s remix. R-Truth comes out rapping, with the chorus “You Suck!” instead of “What’s Up?!” The Miz backs Truth up by repeating “You Suck!” after Truth says it. Michael Cole flips out like a hyper fan-boy for how awesome Truth’s remix rap was just now. Cole sounded like a real-life stupid person. Bourne and Truth begin their match while Kingston and Miz join the announce table for this match. Truth is in control of the offense early, working over Bourne while Kingston and Miz bicker on commentary. Bourne starts to fight back, but Truth quickly hits his finisher on Bourne for the clean pinfall. Miz brags on commentary a bit and then joins Truth in the ring to celebrate.

Winner: R-Truth

The main event… or the main segment of the night is the Cutting Edge which is up next……

Cutting Edge

We return to Smackdown and Edge’s music is already playing, and Edge is already in the ring ready for The Cutting Edge. Edge talks about how important Toronto is to him. He talks about being at WrestleMania when The Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan in Toronto. He mentions his first WWE title victory in Toronto. After that, he introduces his first guest – Mark Henry. “Somebody gonna get they ass whooped” plays as “The World’s Strongest Man” makes his way to the ring. Henry grabs a mic. Edge then announces his second guest, Henry’s opponent this Sunday – Randy Orton. Orton makes his way to the ring. Orton grabs a mic. Edge reminds them of Teddy Long’s no-contact rule for each man during The Cutting Edge tonight. Edge says if he’s being honest, he tells Orton it’s probably a good thing there’s no contact tonight. He says let’s face it, Henry has been tearing everyone up. He tells Orton that Henry has done things to him that no man has ever done. Edge asks if Orton thinks he can honestly beat Henry this Sunday. Orton tells Edge he’s right, Henry has demolished many people – Kane and The Big Show included. Orton says the only times Henry puts his hands on him, is after Orton has already had a match. Orton says so Henry has never proven anything to him yet. Orton says maybe Henry knows his absolute best just isn’t good enough against him. Orton repeats Edge’s question, and says he doesn’t THINK he can beat Henry – he KNOWS he can. Edge tells Henry that what Orton is saying is the truth. He tells Henry that his career has been disappointing. Edge says when he started in WWE in 1998, Henry was already a veteran here. He says as big and devastating he is, he’s never won the WWE or World title before. He asks how is that possible. He said by now Henry should already be a legendary champion. Edge then ponders why he hasn’t won the big one yet. Edge says maybe Henry doesn’t have the desire. He tells Henry that where Orton is right now as champion, it’s a whole different level. He tells Henry that maybe he isn’t ready for that level. Henry tells Edge the only reason he isn’t going to kick his ass for that is because, he’s right. Henry says for 15 years he’s seen smaller and weaker men become champion. He says WWE always told him to go out there and smile, and “show that personality.” He tells Orton that he’s done smiling. He’s done showing personality. He says now he’s here to destroy, and he’s going to take what Orton’s got. Henry said for 15 years he’s shown what he can do, and it still hasn’t worked. He said it’s taken 15 years for him to get in a title shot. He said this Sunday he will become the World Heavyweight Champion. Orton tells Henry the match this Sunday will be symbolic of Henry’s career. He says he might look good, come close, but he’ll wind up what he’s been for the past 15 years – the “World’s Strongest Failure.” Henry drops his mic, as he’s pissed off. Orton drops his mic too. Edge chimes in and reminds them of the no-contact rule. Edge slowly leaves the ring and says the no-contact rule was only during The Cutting Edge segment. As he finally exits the ring, he quickly says “and The Cutting Edge is now over.” Henry and Orton start brawling. Both guys are firing away with punches. The entire Smackdown locker room spills out to the ring to try to separate the two guys. They manage to do so, but then Henry shrugs all of them off by himself and goes back at Orton. The entire roster holds Henry back, leaving Orton by himself. Orton flies over the guys and lands some more shots on Henry. The roster separates them again. Orton comes to fly in again, but this time Henry catches him and hits him with the “World’s Strongest Slam.” Henry beats up the rest of the Smackdown roster, just got the hell of it, before landing a big splash on Orton in the center of the ring. Henry starts dumping bodies out of the ring. He hits a second big splash on Orton in the center of the ring. Henry dumps some more bodies out of the ring while Booker T yells that “somebody should call the police” on commentary. Henry hits a third big splash on Orton in the ring. The announcers do their “concerned voices” as they talk about how much damage Henry just inflicted on Orton right before their title match this Sunday. Henry grabs Orton’s belt. He poses with it over a beaten down Orton as the crowd boo’s and the show fades out.

It was one of the best Smackdown’s in recent memory, maybe after the Super Smackdown. Fair involvement of every talent required. Edge was playing his part perfectly and Mark has become a beast!

Thanks for the read.

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