Night Of Champions: 5 People That Can Challenge Zack Ryder

As you all may be knowing, Zack Ryder is your Internet Champion. Unfortunately, WWE doesn’t realize this and continuously keeps ignoring it to the extent that even the kids find it crazy!

But seriously, Night Of Champions is this Sunday, and the name specifies that this is the night where every champion gets a match, why leaving the Long Island Iced Z off the card?

Zack Ryder has become a sensation on the Internet thanks to his weekly YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story. I think that WWE is smart enough to realize that his popularity could equal to pay per view buy rates for them.

So, I’ve prepared a list of five, no less and no more, wrestlers who can wrestle Ryder at Night Of Champions and give us a good match.

Let’s start.

These are in no particular order.

Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd, one of the more-experienced wrestlers in WWE, could set his sights at the Internet Title.

Tyson has graduated from the Hart Dungeon, which consists of experienced trainers and Tyson is a proven technical athlete. He can always provide a good match and since he is off the card, he can be the challenge Zack needs.

It would be a fun filler match with it’s high spots and it could well interest the crowd attending the pay per view.

Justin Gabriel

The South African Sensation, Justin Gabriel has impressed many with his ‘vintage’ signature move, the 450 splash. His recent face turn has been successful and the fans want to see him.

He is another person who is bumped off the card and a match could do wonders for him and Zack Ryder.

It could be a fast-paced, full of action and could make the crowd pumped up. This will be an exciting match if added.

Wade Barrett


The British Bare knuckle champion could make his way to Night Of Champions with a solid match with Zack Ryder. He, as described by many, is a complete package, and he, along with Zack Ryder could have an intense battle.

Wade has lost his momentum as of late after his highly entertaining debut and forming the Nexus. Since being defeated by Super Cena, Wade hasn’t had a proper feud since moving to Friday nights. He formed a stable again named Corre, but in reality, that stable had no effect and just got Barrett a match at WM in which he and his lackeys got buried.

Fast forward to now, when Wade doesn’t even have a match. Last year at Night Of Champions, he was in the WWE championship match.

He and Zack Ryder could have a good match.

Big O

You must be thinking, What the hell is wrong with me? Let me explain.

Big O is a bodybuilder. WWE likes bodybuilders. And specially, he has got so much fame that Mr. McMahon could be looking to release Mason Ryan and can hire the Big O.

He has shown charisma, he has his style, his catchphrase and he looks like a star in the making. WWE could hire him and he could face Ryder in  the typical friends-turned-enemy feud.

This could be a good match. But hte kids still don’t know about the Big O.

If you can’t handle the heat,

Then get outta my O-zone’

Daniel Bryan

He is Mr. Money in the Bank. He is an Internet darling. What better way to get in the card? Face Zack Ryder for the Internet title.

Daniel Bryan is a one-of-it’s-kind. He is an awesome wrestler and the internet knows about him. They could start a feud about they being the more popular person on the Internet.

You can expect a four star match here.

Honorable Mentions

Sin Cara

Heath Slater

Trent Barretta

Curt Hawkins





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